833   ref to PDIR in Part 5

Created: 18 Mar 2012

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 62

Clause: 5.11.3

Paragraph: 1

Category: No impact on this part


First sentence says "For a descripotoon of this LN, see IEC 61850-5"
Searching Part 5 reveals no match for "PDIR"


Remove reference to Part 5 for this LN or add explanation to Part 5

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From FDIS:

The operate decision is based on an agreement of the fault direction signals from all directional fault sensors (for example directional relays) surrounding the fault. The directional comparison for lines is made with PSCH combined with PDIS.

NOTE In the comparison table provided in IEEE C37.2-2008 PDIR has the IEEE device number 87B associated.

Note that even outside the WG10 you can see what is proposed - that is why we circulate CDs, CDVsand FDIS.
17 Jan 13 Not Applicable
As at March 2012 when this was raised there was ONLY Ed 1 of Part 5 - outside of WG10 we can't see what was proposed in Ed2 draft.

Here in Jan 2013, Ed2 is still pending publication but I will be very pleased to see that this anomaly has been fixed when Ed 2 has been published ... :)

I note IEC Webstore shows expected publication of Part 5 Ed 2 was seven days ago but if it is not imminent could the Ed2 reference be quoted here so we can refer to it please?
17 Jan 13 Not Applicable
It is right in IEC 61850-5 ed.1 there is no PDIR. But in edition 2 PDIR is mentioned with reference to function 87B. 20 Mar 12 Not Applicable
ignore my typo of "description" The problem is still true :) 18 Mar 12 Triage


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