83   operation by CSWI

Created: 16 Mar 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)



Clause: 5.6.6


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


When an open / close operation is issued by a CSWI, the four tagged events must be tagged independently:

- A) When the Open/Close Command issued by the operator/SAS/Telecontrol with its proper time tag.
- B) The possible change in the pos of the related XCBR with its proper time tag
- C) The positive execution of the command with the same tag if B) is received
- D) The command fail event at the end of the opertm attribute if the change of the XCBR is not detected.
1) We think that the present the control model can produce only the information B including the origin with only one time tag. We have not found how to reach information A and B with its independent time tag.
2) Information C and D can be obtained as a result of the information from comunication services within the client server comm. But it is not possible to share this information to other clientes (several possible EVENT LOGGERS) because this information is based on services instead of data attributes.

Are the conclusions above presented not correct due to a misunderstanding of the standard? In that case could you please clarify how to reach A,B,C and D using the standardiza rules and for several clientes in paralell?

If we are right shoul we modify in order to reach the wanted information?

Do we have a misunderstanding on the conclusions found above as a result of our
3) lall of this information is currently understa
We think it would be very useful to add some new DATA into CSWI to store information about if the command was successfully done and when the commands were sent by the CSWI, in order to publish that information to other logical nodes.

Juan Torres


If our conclusions are correct, we are to Add new attributes to CSWI logical node as show in the Figure 2. The data attribute type should be ACI (new CDC proposed in
or ACT with the adding of the origin attribute (also proposed in the same document)

Discussion Created Status
Set to green after vote. 02 Apr 05 In Force (green)
WG 10 : 02.12.04
Not accepted. The information is available: Origin has FC CO and ST. CO is readable but won’t be send instantaneously.
If 8-1 mapping, then T is also available.
16 Mar 05 Discussion (red)


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