814   subQ bit used

Created: 16 Jan 2012

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-3 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 74

Clause: 8

Paragraph: subEna

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


It is not completely clear in part 7-3 that only validity and detailQual are used from subQ. For example, the value of q.source will be "substituted" if subEna is TRUE regardless of the value of subQ.source. The same is true for q.test and t.operatorBlocked


Clarify that only the validity detailQual fields are used within subQ.

Discussion Created Status
10 May 12 In Force (green)
Proposal not accepted; but clarify that any element other than the "source" can be substituted 04 Apr 12 Ballot Period
I agree wwith Wolfgang regarding operatorBlocked behavior. It needs to be substituted since it might have started while setting the blkEna.
I would not forbbid neither the substitution of the test bit.
20 Feb 12 Discussion (red)
In my understanding of 7.2 subQ can be used to substitute everything except the source, i.e. also test and operator-blocked. The last is important, as substitution can also be used as a blocking means, and this could then be indicated by setting subQ to operator-blocked. For test I have no preference, although in my understanding of the current 7-3 this could also be substituted with subQ. 14 Feb 12 Discussion (red)
Is there a general agreement, that q.test and q.operatorBlocked shall not be possible to be provided as substituted values?

Seems to be ok for me so I would support the proposal.
18 Jan 12 Ballot Period


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