809   Negative response to QAueryLogAfter when entry does not exist

Created: 27 Dec 2011

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


There is no defined MMS error upon attempt to specify a non-existent journal entry. Part 8-1 presently specifies "Any unmapped error codes" but this is ambiguous and does not allow for conformance testing this negative response.


• A JournalRead-Request may specify an entry which cannot be found in the journal. In this case, the MMPM shall return a MMS Confirmed-Error PDU. The ServiceError, within the Confirmed-ErrorPDU shall be errorClass=”service” with an errorCode=”object-constraint-conflict”.

Discussion Created Status
since it is an Ed1 TISSUE, and Edition 2 has been published, the tissue is answered as blue. 07 Mar 13 Not Applicable
The statement is not correct. MMS defines a behavior upon a ReadJournal with an unknown EntryToStartAfter. The behavior is to send all the entries available in the Journal whose EntryTime are newer than the parameter TimeSpecification of the EntryToStartAfter.
Proposal: a QueryLogAfter with an unknown entryToStart after shall respond with a list of entries whose entryTime are newer than the specified RangeStartTime.
05 Mar 13 Discussion (red)


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