808   Presence condition of ZMOT.DExt and new DOs

Created: 14 Dec 2011

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)



Clause: 5.18.11


Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


For ZMOT.DExt (De-excitation) the presence condition Mandatory is given. This DO cannot be provided in all cases.
Data objects for the information about the motor state and thermal state of rotor are missing.


Change presence condition of ZMOT.DExt to optional.

Add the follwing DO.
MotSt ENS Motor state (1="Standstill, 2="Starting", 3="Running")
RotThmSt ENS Thermal state of rotor (1="Cold", 2="Warm", 3="Overload")

Discussion Created Status
15 Jun 12 In Force (green)
Regarding enumeration:
ZMOT.MotSt should have the same enumeration values as ZGEN.GnSt.
The description of ZMOT.MotSt will be extented by the following text:
The enum values of RotatingMachineStateKind will be used (with the same (extented) values as for GnSt).
1="Stopped" to represent the Standstill/Stopped state
2="Stopping" to represent the Running-down/Stopping state
3="Started" to represent the Running/Started state
4="Starting" to represent the Starting state
5="Disabled" to represent the Locked/Disabled state.

The final proposals for DExt and RotThmSt have been agreed.
20 Apr 12 Ballot Period
The final proposal is:
Change presence condition of ZMot.DExt to optional.
Add ZMot.RotThmSt ENS 1="Cold", 2="Warm", 3="Overload".
Add ZMot.MotSt ENS 1="Standstill, 2="Starting", 3="Running".
05 Mar 12 Ballot Period
Adding ZMot.RotThmSt agreed.
Regarding the MotSt vs GnSt: I would keep GnSt as it is because of backward compatibility. Additionally add ZMot.MotSt (Standstill|Starting|Running).
07 Feb 12 Discussion (red)
Note that we have already an enumeration GnSt (GnStKind?) which might cover also the MotSt states: Standstill= stopped, Starting = Starting, Running = Started; it is a question of implementing MotSt / ZMOT, if the additionally provided states (Stopping and Disabled)are used additionally also for a motor. Maybe it is even worthwhile to rename the GnSt.Started to Running.... 15 Dec 11 Discussion (red)


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