805   List Common Data Class

Created: 04 Dec 2011

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-3 (2010; Edition 2)



Clause: 7.6

Paragraph: 7.6

Category: No impact on this part


For specifying a selection of any combination m out of n options (m out of n) we need to define a list common data class. The need was reported by a member of WG 17 (DER). Several instances in 7-3 use such a list model, e.g., for trgops where one or option may be selected.


Please find a proposal of the LSG CDC (List Setting Group) in the attached document.

Discussion Created Status
20 Nov 13 In Force (green)
Following discussion with the proposer, it is possible to model this as multiple status information each of CDC SPG - to tissue is not accepted. 19 Jan 12 Ballot Period
I tend to agree with Wolfgang and Thierry. There are a couple of issues with the proposal:
- This would be a CDC were the size is not predefined - the PACKED LIST - depending on the content - can get any size
- We would need to invent something in SCL to define the different values (similar to the SCL represnetation of the enums for a ENx CDC)
- I think, we really should get a jsutification, why it is not possible to model it as multiple status informations
11 Jan 12 Discussion (red)
The use of the proposed new CDC is not clear for me. Is control capability something generic for all DER controllers?

From the modeling point of view I support Wolfgangs statement the LSG could be handeled as several SPG. Or it can be modelled as ENG like in some LNs in 7-4 (e.g LivDeaMod, RstMod, PIDAlg).
13 Dec 11 Discussion (red)
From the application point of view the proposed CDC is not really needed, as each entry in the list could be modelled as an SPS. Thus using the proposed CDC is nothing then coding several Booleans into one Integer, i.e. it is a pure coding problem and not a semantic problem. According to my understanding some of the entries are semantically unrelated to others, so that anyhow another DO with own describing text for them would be preferable. Also from an event logging point of view it is a break to have several values for the same signal at the same time....
If we really need such CDC, we should introduce a new base type SET of Enum, where SET is basically a 32 bit string, and the ORD value of the Enum specifies which bit in this string shall be set. E.g. if Enum is the base colours red, blue, yellow, a colour in between can be represented as set: green = {blue, yellow}; orange = {red, yellow}.
05 Dec 11 Discussion (red)


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