79   AutoRecSt and Lockout

Created: 15 Mar 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)



Clause: 6

Paragraph: Table 9

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The present AutoRecSt does not include a Lockout or unsuccessful status, which is one of the main results that can be expected. It also does not indicate which stage of operation is occurring...first, second, third...etc. reclose shot.


For Data AutoRecSt we now have
1- ready
2 - in progress
3 - successful
These indications do not meaning "status". In reality these are reports (like a trip), because it's just valid for a very specific time. The same is valid for additional ones like
- unsuccessful
AutoRecSt should have a T(ransient). The proposal is to extend AutoRecSt "4 - unsuccessfull". Lockout is coved by "BlkRec. The information about the cycle of reclosing attempts is not a status too but again a report (like a trip).
The proposal is to add one new data for LN RREC, CntRec (INS) with a T

New data for LN RREC, CntRec (INS) is accepted for the status “in progress”.
Need for better explanation of AutoRecSt values and BlkRec.
See Function 79 (IEEE)

GoE meeting 19.10.04:
For data AutoRecSt an additional status
4 – unsuccessfull
will added.
Use data “OpCnt” for LN RREC to indicate the reclosing cycle in progress. This counter will set to 0 if the AutoRecSt is in status ready.

Discussion Created Status
Has been fixed by the Amendment 2 30 Mar 06 In Force (green)
WG 10: 02.12.04
Final Proposal
KP B. new proposal including state diagram.
A new DO for the counter may be required since OpCnt already has a semantic definition.
15 Mar 05 In Force (green)


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