771   MMS Server response to unsupported Trigger Options in Buffered and Unbuffered Reports

Created: 22 Sep 2011

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)


Page: 51



Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The standard does not define how the MMS Server has to respond to an MMS Client attempting to enable Trigger Options (TrgOps) in the Buffered Report Control Block (BRCB) or Unbuffered Report Control Block (URCB) that are not supported by the MMS Server. Some MMS Server implementations today will accept and acknowledge the write but only enable the Trigger Options that are supported, in other implementations the MMS Server will not accept the write and therefore not enable any of the Trigger Options.


The MMS Server shall positively acknowledge the write to the MMS Client and enable the Trigger Options that are supported according to the Client's request even if the Client has attempted to enable Trigger Options that are not supported by the Server.

MMS Clients shall provide a feature that allows the system configurator to set Trigger Options individually.

Discussion Created Status
UCA Testing commitee 2011/25/10
7-2 Edition already states:
If a BRCB does not support one or more of the trigger options, the attempt to set the TrgOp attribute to TRUE for one or more of these not uspported values, shall cause a negative response of the SetReportControlValues service.
The defition apllies and therefore, there is no need to change the normative behavior; so client implementation shall b prepared for negative response.

Additionally, the TISSUE 780 goes futher regarding to the Edition2 expected behavior.
25 Oct 11 Not Applicable


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