742   GAPC.Str, GAPC.Op and GAPC.StrVal

Created: 19 Jul 2011

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 41

Clause: 5.7.2


Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


In LN GAPC there are DOs multiple instanceable e.g. Str, Op, StrVal. Because the LN GAPC belongs to one single generic automatic function, multiple instances fo Str, Op, StrVal is wrong. The other multiple instanceable DO (e.g warning , alarm, indication) are correct.


Change the names of Str1 to Str, Op1 to Op, StrVal1 to StrVal and show therefore these DOs are not multiple instanceable.

Discussion Created Status
11 Nov 11 In Force (green)
Accepted 12 Oct 11 Ballot Period
Accepted 21 Jul 11 Discussion (red)


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