726   RREC - AutoRecSt "others" is missing

Created: 05 May 2011

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 120

Clause: 6 Data object name semantics

Paragraph: Table 10

Category: No impact on this part


There are cases where RREC is not in any of the 11 cases listed in the AutoRecSt list.
For instance if the circuit breaker is not ready to close (and open) and any eventual reclaim time has gone, the RREC will not accept any start/initiate signal, and it:
is not ready (to accept start/initiate input)
is not in progress
is not successful
is not waiting for trip
cannot declare trip issued by protection (there is no trip)
cannot declare that the fault has disappeared
is not waiting to complete
cannot declare that the CB is closed
Cannot declare that the cycle is unsuccessful ot that is unsuccessful.
Cannot declare that is has been aborted.

Depending on Autorecloser implementation philosophies, there may be other situations that are not listed in the actual 11 descriptions. In this case the Logical Node RREC does not know what value should be declared in AutoRecSt.


In order to be "application robust", the proposal is to implement the Value "0" for AutoRecSt, and this means "others".
This solution has already been adopted in other logical nodes (like fault locator, RFLO, for the FltLoop data object).

Discussion Created Status
Proposal was not accepted. 25 Nov 11 Not Applicable
The drawing of RREC in the Annex G of 7-4Ed2 is being now updated with XCBR.CBOpCap, CILO.EnaCls, RSYN.Rel and RSYN. An intermediate result is attached. It looks that the states mentioned above will not appear because there are counteracting transitions. General comments:
1) Without changing the states, more transitions may be introduced triggered by subscribed data from elsewhere covering more philosophies
2)If more states are really needed they should be added to the standasrdized RREC in the next edition or with namespace based extensions.
3) A state 0 "others" violates the semantic requirements of the standard and leaves the reaction of consumers of this state very unclear.
4) The difference to RFLO is that faults without determined location are a final result easily to handle. An "unknown" state in a state machine destroys the complete mechanism.
20 Jul 11 Discussion (red)


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