720   FC relation to services is incomplete

Created: 12 Apr 2011

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-3 (2010; Edition 2)



Clause: 7


Category: Issue for edition 3 of this part


The description of the CDCs contains the relation between services and FCs. This is however not complete for all possible applications:
- the relation to Logging is not contained at all
- the sending of GOOSE and SV is limited to process values (fc=ST, MX). However, with the extensions of edition 2 it makes also sense to contain here fc= BL, OR, CF, SV, may be sometimes even SP and SG.


Allow the sending of attributes / FCDA with fc=BL, OR, CF, SV, SP and SG in GOOSE and SV messages. Add the log (entry) generation identical to reporting.

Discussion Created Status
20 Mar 12 In Force (green)
The result of BL and SV attributes can be seen in the q attribute, and SR is anyhow special for service tracking. However SG makes sense to transmit e.g. with a triggering Op or Str. Therefore 7-3 should be modified to allow attributes with FC = OR, CF, SP and SG in GOOSE messages: as the values of these attributes are always valid, no special update of the Annex A in 7-4 is needed. The interpretation anyhow depends on the function of the receiving subscribers and accompanying process values. 01 Mar 12 Ballot Period
The FC: BL, SV, SR should not be sendable by GOOSE.
SG has no triger option, can therefore not be reported; to be consistent, it should not be "goosable".
OR, CF and SP should be allowed as GOOSE members.
03 Nov 11 Discussion (red)
If these CDCs are to be contained in e.g. GOOSE, then -7-4 Annex A Interpretation of mode and behaviour shall be updated accordingly.
i.e. In Table A.2 -Definition of mode and behaviour, the left most column states on "Output to ST, MX"...
07 Jul 11 Ballot Period


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