711   blkEna freeze data update while setting its quality to operaterBlocked

Created: 25 Jan 2011

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-3 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: 14

Clause: 6.2.6 Frozen by operator


Category: No impact on this part


in -7-3, quality operatorBlocked is interpreted as "data update of the value has been blocked(frozen) by the operator". DA "blkEna" is used to trigger the data frozen and set quality to operatorBlocked.

However, -7-4, Annex A states:
when LN is under "on-block" or "test/blocked" mode,
* all communication services work and get updated values.
* output of ST,MX value is relevant.
* q.operatorBlocked is set to TRUE.
* final output to process via non-IEC 61850 links is blocked.
In this case, quality operatorBlocked is interpreted as "LN works, data value updated with quality operatorBlocked to differentiate itself from normal ones, output to process is blocked since there is no quality flag".

What is the correct interpretation of quality operatorBlocked?


need clarify

Discussion Created Status
11 Apr 11 In Force (green)
21 Mar 11 Ballot Period
See also Tissue 712. The Mode 'blocked' should NOT set the operatorblocked quality, because it only refers to HW outputs of an IED. Will be changed in 7-4. 25 Feb 11 Discussion (red)


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