697   persistent command / PulseConfig

Created: 17 Dec 2010

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-3 (2010; Edition 2)

Links: #1329 cmdQual “persistent until feedback” was available for DPC in Ed.1 and is no more available in Ed. 2.


Clause: 6.7


Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 2


With the data attribute PulseConfig (available for the CDC SPC and DPC) it is possible to
- configure the pulse length
- define if the output is a pulse output or a persistent output
Note that, for the other control CDCs, the atribute "pulseConfig" is not avialable. The CDC BAC and BSC have an attribute "persistent" that can be used to create a persistent output.

The use of a persistent output for DPC is not possible today, since there is no way to deactivate the output. This should be clarified.


There are several options to solve this:
(1) add a specification to clause 6.7 that the value "persistent" for cmdQual is not allowed for the usage in DPC
(2) change ctlVal for DPC from BOOLEAN to CODED ENUM and add a third option "deactivate" to the value range

Discussion Created Status
ballot date expired 08 Jun 15 In Force (green)
24 Apr 15 Ballot Period
As intermediate solution (final soultion for Ed 3 is proposed in TISSUE 1329), we propose:

1. The value persistent for CmdQual is reserved for controlled objects that have a single control Output. In that case, the comand "on" activates the Output, the comand "off" deactivates the Output.

2. the enumeration for CmdQual shall be Extended with the new value "persistent-feedback". If CmdQual is set to that value, the deactivation of the output will be based on the Feedback (i.e., a "on" command may activate the Output; if the controlled object received the "closed" Position, the Output will be deactivated.

3. The value persistent shall be allowed for DPC, but it assumes that in that case there is a single control Output
24 Apr 15 Discussion (red)
re-open due to #1329
05 Mar 15 Discussion (red)
21 Mar 11 In Force (green)
20 Dec 10 Ballot Period
For backward compatibilities, I would suggets option 1 to solve this 17 Dec 10 Discussion (red)


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