688   Reporting of data attributes without trgOpt

Created: 30 Nov 2010

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-2 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: Fig. 32 Data sets members and reporting



Category: No impact on this part


In behalf of the German working group DKE 952.0.1:
In figure 32, part 7-2, is listed the timestamp in a dataset. But the timestamp will not be included in a message although it has been changed.
Why only data attributes are transmitted with TrgOp when they are changed?
User want to specify in the SCD the content of data sets for reporting on DA-level including timestamp. This should be independend of the specification of the configured DO type specification in the type template section.


We suggest to include all changed DA values in a report triggered by some attributes with TrgOp.

Discussion Created Status
A report can serve two purposes:
- transfer of actual status as fast as possible. In this case the time stamp ist not really needed.
- tranfer of time stamped events. In this case the consistency of time stamp, quality and value are very important. This consistency can only be assured if the object containing all three attributes is addressed as data set member.
If a time stamp with trigger option would cause an event, only this time would be transmitted, so that neither the value nor the quality belonging to this time stamp are known. This does not make sense.
05 Jan 11 Not Applicable


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