672   needs updating Beh calculation methods

Created: 03 Sep 2010

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2010; Edition 2)


Page: p127

Clause: 6. Data object name semantics

Paragraph: Beh

Category: No impact on this part


After introducing LD nesting in -7-2, this table needs to be updated to situation where several LDs are nested above LN level.


In Ed.1, one LD can only contain several LNs. So, LD Beh = LD Mod.
In Ed.2, one LD may have as well higher level LD by having a GrRef in its LLN0. In this case, changing of the higher level LD Mod shall affect lower level LD Beh, the calculation shall follow the same way as in previous LD/LN hierachy in Ed.1.
i.e. if LD2.LLN0.GrRef = LD1, when you change LD1 Mod to off, you meam to change LD2 Beh to off as well.

Discussion Created Status
11 Dec 13 In Force (green)
09 Mar 11 In Force (green)
Accepted 28 Jan 11 Ballot Period
In principle accepted. This is by the way the reason why Beh is mandatory even in LLN0. Should be explained in 7-5 in detail. 13 Sep 10 Discussion (red)


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