669   System Specification Description for Hydro

Created: 27 Aug 2010

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 7-410 (2007; Hydro Power)


Page: 11

Clause: 5.1

Paragraph: 1

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Elaborate on how System Specification description is applicable to Hydro power plant.


"A typical power plant will include a “substation” part that will be identical to what is described in the IEC 61850 series. The generating units with their related equipment are added to the basic structure"

Above short hint is not enough for a Utility or SCL Tool to generate a Specification description. Expecting some amendments in IEC 61850 - 6 document.

Discussion Created Status
10 Dec 10 Discussion (red)
Working group 18 are looking into the matter. Some hints can be found in the upcoming technical report 61850-7-510. However it is hard to arrange a graphical structure in the same way as for a substation. For power plants it will be more a question of nested logical devices or logical systems. 10 Dec 10 Triage


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