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Created: 15 Aug 2009

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Part: Part 10 (2005)





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


This is a probably just a general "blue" question related to variuous work with local equipment manufacturers and tool developers.
COuld you please provide a list of authroised IEC 61850 compliance certification laboratories.
KEMA in The Netherlands is one - are there others that will certify products as an independant body.


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This TISSUE can be closed of fto green status now the UCAIUG site is able to be accessed more easily. 17 Jan 13 Not Applicable
To access the testing information you need to register as a guest or you need be a member of the UCAIUG. 25 Jul 12 Not Applicable
UCAIUG web site:
UCAIug > Organization > Technical O > Testing > UCAIug Testing Quality Assurance Program > UCAIug IEC 61850 Approved Testers

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Compare the uca international users group sharepoint 05 Nov 09 Not Applicable


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