614   Protection Scheme Health

Created: 25 Mar 2008

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)


Page: 11

Clause: 4

Paragraph: Not applicable

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Modeling of old protection schemes to an IEC 61850 environment is no trival task given the detail of data that was previously telemetered and understanding how this relates/equates in a true 61850 environment. Data such as Main & Backup DC Health and Main & Backup Protection Relay health are difficult to model given the lack of sufficient/relating data names. Discrepancy of busbar links are also equally difficult to model. One would prefer more data objects relating to the above information to allow users to model "old" data.


A proposed solution is to implement a new Logical Node namely, RPSH, Related Protection Scheme Health where data as mentioned above and more as others and TC57 experts see fit to include can be modeled. Proposed new Data Names adhereing to the abbreviation convention in 7-4 (clause 4) and to be used in conjunction with LN RSPH and other LN as seen fit are as follows:
Dscr...Discrepancy (new DO)
Unhl...Unhealthy (new DO)
Bb...Busbar (to give more detail to XSWI, new abbrev)
Trns...Transfer (to give more detail to XSWI, new abbrev)
EA...Earth Applied (new DO)
Abnl...Abnormal (new DO)
Bzn...BusZone (new abbrev)
Mn...Main (new abbrev)
Bkp...Backup (new abbrev)
Es...Earth Switch (new abbrev)
Dc...Direct Current (new abbrev)
Ac...Alternating Current (new abbrev)

Alan Simon
Eskom Transmission

Discussion Created Status
In WG15 (Security) we are developing a set of Network and System Management (NSM) object models which we expect to provide additional Health and Security information of the secondary network - this may not directly help with mapping old protection schemes to the IEC 61850, but could provide a mechanism for you to create a special NSM object model similar to your RPSH. I agree with Wolfgang that new names do not need to be developed, but the contents of a Health data object could indicate the type of device whose health is being monitored. 01 Apr 08 Not Applicable
Most of above abbreviations relate to the function given by the switch yard structure and intended usage in the automation system. This is modelled by functional names within the SCL substation structure, to which the LNs are allocated. Therefore there is no need to introduce this at the IED related names, especially as this semantics is mostly not known to a manufacturer providing a product. More about functional naming can be found in the spring issue of PACworld. 26 Mar 08 Not Applicable


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