594   Controls to the same direction

Created: 06 Feb 2008

Status: Ballot Period

Part: Part 10 (2005)


Page: 35

Clause: Table 28

Paragraph: CtlN3

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Vendors should be able to allow open command of the breaker, even if the position indicates open position. Motivation: Personal safety: e.g. in some cases the position indication sensor could be jammed and opening is needed. Technically XCBR.BlkOpn/BlkCls (or CILO.EnaOpn/EnaCls) should be used if the opening is not possible due to internal condition of the breaker (spring charging, disconnector state). Closing breaker could still be inhibited if the position indication indicates close.

Part 7-2 17.2.2 does not directly inhibit above functionality but in conformance testing this functionality is not allowed.


Allow the functionality descibed in issue in some cases or remove CtlN3.

Discussion Created Status
Accepted to remove CtlN3 18 Jun 08 Ballot Period
I totally agree with this statement. Furthermore, there should be no difference between an open or a close command : they are allowed regardless the actual position of the primary device. This is up to the user to define the requirements. No standardization is needed here.

In a system, the different behaviours may be implemented at the client level, e.g. HMI.

I support the removal of CtlN3.
06 Feb 08 Discussion (red)


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