578   LN KFIL.OperateRs

Created: 15 Oct 2007

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 7-410 (2007; Hydro Power)



Clause: 7.5.3


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


A reset to the operate order is required.


Add OperateRs

Discussion Created Status
OperatesRS is requires because the Data Attribute is acting on an external latched relay. It uses a different physical output with its own time stamp requirements. 28 Jan 08 Discussion (red)
OperateRS is required because we are acting on a external latched relay wich requires a separate physical output with its own time stamping requirements. 28 Jan 08 Discussion (red)
There is no need to add a data OperateRs because it belongs to the control model. You could stop the control by using the Cancel service (see 7-2). An other question is if it is necessary to operate the KFIL using GOOSE. Here we need a new tissue. 22 Jan 08 Discussion (red)
Operating SPC is like DPC: Writing Oper.ctlVal=TRUE sets TRUE/ON, writing FALSE sets FALSE/OFF. No reason for two controls... 19 Oct 07 Discussion (red)
The solution to this would depend on if we keep the control as DPC or as SPC. In case we keep DPC, there is no need for a second control, if we modify to SPC, there must be two controls. 19 Oct 07 Triage


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