544   YLTC.EmgOff

Created: 25 Jul 2007

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)



Clause: 5.17.2


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Change of Tissue 478:

After discussion in the R&D Project team we came to the conclusion not to use the GOOSE service, but to model a SPC data object in the YLTC and to use the direct control with enhanced security. So any client (HMI, ATCC, Tap-changer-monitoring,...) can control that data and can interrupt the running tap changer. The originator attribute in the operate service is e.g.
- "process", if the YLTC-monitoring detects a failure,
- "automatic-bay", if the ATCC detects a failure,
- "bay-control", if the emergency-off is generated through local manual control,
- "station-control", if the emergency-off is generated through station manual control.


I cancel my proposal in tissue 478 and propose instead to add the following data:

Discussion Created Status
TC57 WG10 is currently preparing Edition 2 of the standard IEC 61850-7-4. A CD is under circulation.

Since the process to prepare Edition 2 has started, TISSUES related to Edition 2 are not handled anymore in the TISSUE database. The formal IEC process has to apply instead.

Please submit this as a comment to the CD of Edition
08 Aug 07 Not Applicable


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