53   Add DstAddr to GsCB, SV

Created: 15 Mar 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-2 (2003)



Clause: 15.3.1, 16.2.1

Paragraph: Table 30, 32

Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 1


Within the current scheme of 61850, the GSE and SMV control blocks do not contain the destination (multicast) MAC address, while the Goose control blocks do. This means that the only way of finding out the group addresses for GSE and SMV are through SCL. This is fine if everything is configured correctly, but does not allow for the validation of the configuration, and will make diagnostics needlessly difficult. If we made the addresses visible in MMS, life will be much simpler for utilities.


Add the group addresses for GSE and SMV.

Discussion Created Status
Editor Meeting December 2006
Attribute DstAddress (Type: PHYCOMADDR, FC:GS) has been added to the GSSE control block
15 Dec 06 In Force (green)
Proposal accepted.
Changed to green.
18 Aug 05 In Force (green)
see final proposal #142 01 Apr 05 Ballot Period
I just looked at my copy of 8-1. The GCB does have a Destination Address structure in it. 7-2 needs to be changed. However, the Destination Address has to be mapped specifically in the SCSM. I am not sure what Datatype would be used in 7-2.

The 8-1 structure has DST macaddress, VID, and VLAN information.

Regards, Herb
15 Mar 05 Discussion (red)

You are correct! We have to correct this in 7-2 as well!

Regards, Karlheinz
15 Mar 05 Discussion (red)
I am OK with Optional.
The fix belongs in 7-2 in the control block area for both. This is not an 8-1 issue unless 7-2 is fixed.

Regards, Herb
15 Mar 05 Discussion (red)
I agree with your proposal. The validation and diagnostics is one of the key benefit of IEC 61850.

To add two optional NamedVariables in 8-1 should cause now problem. Optional to allow systems of today still be conformat in the future.
15 Mar 05 Discussion (red)


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