453   Reporting & Logging model revision

Created: 11 Dec 2006

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-2 (2003)


Page: 74

Clause: 14


Category: Issue may impact interoperability of implementations of Edition 1


This tissue is intended to serve as a single entry point for the revision of the Reporting and Logging model. Tissues with regard to reporting and logging (e.g. tissue #190) will get a reference to this "single entry point" tissue.

The revised text for clause 14 will be made available in this tissue.

The editors expect to have a first draft of the revised model posted during week Dec 11-15.


Discussion Created Status
Posted Revision7 text as an attachment. 16 Feb 07 In Force (green)
changed to green. The 7-2 clauses for reporting and logging ( Edition 1) can be found at ftp.sisconet.com. Username=wg10revision pw: iec61850. Passive FTP must be used for retrieval. 16 Feb 07 In Force (green)
Please clarify, what an entryID of zero(0) or all zero means:
- an octet string of length 0
- an octet string with one octet of value 0
- an octett string with all octets 0
03 Jan 07 Ballot Period
Uploaded version 5 that fixed some editorial issues. 13 Dec 06 Ballot Period
Uploaded final draft text that resolves all known tissues up to this point in time for reporting and logging. This is the output of the editors meeting the week of December 11th.

Two files have been uploaded. Both are the draft text, one without markups and one with markups.

It is advised to read the entire document and not rely on the markups to indicate where all changes have occurred.

No tissues on the Edition 61850-7-2 Reporting and Logging dated 2003 will be answered.
13 Dec 06 Ballot Period
Changed to red. 11 Dec 06 Discussion (red)


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