446   Send only values(not structures) by GOOSE

Created: 27 Nov 2006

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


I think, that data sent by GOOSE should be restricted in some way. Existing standard permits to send any data, including settings and even a whole Logical Node.

For example,
if an IED decodes GOOSE message with the following dataset:
it wouldn't be able to decode GOOSE message with that dataset:
<GGIO1$Pos, including stVal,q,t>
<GGIOn$Pos, including stVal,q,t>

Siemens says that "Received GOOSE data objects without assigned
quality attribute are interpreted as invalid" (file 7SAxxxx_Manual_PIXIT_A3_V046204_en.pdf). Areva doesn't mention about quality and ,I think, doesn't send it via GOOSE. Can Siemens interoperate with Areva via GOOSE?

Siemens seems to send data objects(FCD). GE doesn't send time attribute (file c30man-n3.pdf). So I assume that GE's GOOSE dataset includes only data attributes(FCDA). Can GE interoperate with Siemens via GOOSE?

I think that problem is in standard. It is too common and flexible and has too many possibilities.


Send only values (not structures) by GOOSE or restrict GOOSE dataset in some other way to ensure interoperability between vendors.

Discussion Created Status
IEC 61850-7-2 allows DataSets to contain structures or single attributes. DataSets are used for GOOSE. It is clear that a GOOSE client needs to be able to support GOOSE messages containing either structures, single attributes, or a mixture.

Additional test cases, in 61850-10, are being added to insure this in the future.

No action to be taken in 8-1.
27 Nov 06 Not Applicable


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