442   C and C1/C2 information

Created: 21 Nov 2006

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)


Page: 16

Clause: table 2

Paragraph: 5.2

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In table 2 page 16, the explanation for M/O is not complete.

1/ I cannot interpret correctly the explanation given in table 2 page 16 about the letter C. For example for

2/ In this table, there is no explanation for letters C1 or C2 which are nevertheless referenced in RPSB page 40.


1/ In table 2 page 16, give a clearer explanation for C.

2/ In table 2 page 16, give an explanation for C1 and C2.

Discussion Created Status
Balloting time over 23 Mar 07 In Force (green)
set to final proposal 04 Jan 07 Ballot Period
I agree with this proposal.

Is there any difficulty to update this tissue status as green or final proposal ?
04 Jan 07 Discussion (red)
Proposal: The explanation in table 2 page 16 is updated as follows:

This column defines whether data, data sets, control blocks or services are mandatory (M) or optional (O) or conditional (C) for the instantiation of a specific Logical Node.
NOTE: The attributes for data that are instantiated may also be mandatory or optional based on the CDC (Attribute Type) definition in IEC 61850-7-3.
The entry C is an indication that a condition exists for this data object. The condition decides what conditional data objects get mandatory. C may have an index to handle multiple conditions.

In addition in each table of LN M/O is replaced with M/O/C.

11 Dec 06 Discussion (red)


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