434   Tissue 173 has dire impacts on SCL

Created: 26 Oct 2006

Status: Not Applicable

Part: General





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Tissue 173 should not have been entered as a General tissue. It reverses previous decisions made on 8-1 and does not allow control structures to be specified in SCL.

This was brought to light in a Tissue 433 entered on 8-1.


Overturn the resolution of 173, put the CO structures back into 7-3 so that they can be properly specified in SCL. The SCL specification of the attributes must be backward compatible with the old SCL and structures of 7-3 prior to tissue 173 resolution.

Discussion Created Status
The resolution of the TISSUE 433 is made with the TISSUE 168.
The TISSUE 173 resolves the relation between the 7-2 control services.
ctlVal, origin, ctlNum ... are service parameters of the control services (SBO with enhanced security, Operate, ...).
The CO data attributes defined in 7-3 ED1 are specialized data attributes, i.e. service paramters.
The mapping defines how those specialized data attributes are mapped (for 8-1 see Normative annex E.3 and E.4).
27 Oct 06 Not Applicable


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