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Created: 25 Sep 2006

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 10 (2005)


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Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In is defined that the ICD should be checked against the schema.
We should describe a procedure how it works. Because from different validators you may get different results. E.g. XMLspy and OpenSource XERCES (Apache project) are different. Experts have the opinion that XMYspy is not so good like XERCES. But Xerces is available as a C-version or as a JAVA-version. There are many other validators on the market.


In part 10 we need a definition about
- the current schema (and the place (download area) where I can get it,
- wich tissues are included,
- the validator what is recommanded,
- the XML-version of W3C of the schema,
- may be more.

Discussion Created Status
- the XML version of the W3C schema is defined in part 6.
- validators are developing further, so a conformance test should not be bound to a validator product - always the 'currently 'best' one should be used.
- an 'official' place where to find the SCL schema(s) is already under discussion - see also other Tissues about this
- the included Tissues are defined in the TICS. In principle all Tissues declared as InterOp have to be included.
14 Dec 06 Discussion (red)


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