419   Mapping of Service SendGOOSE

Created: 22 Sep 2006

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)




Paragraph: Table 56

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


The mapping of the service SendGOOSEMessage refers to service parameters from 7-2 that do not exist in 7-2. Some of these parameters are indeed the elements of the GOOSE message, others ("Argument") simply are invented by 8-1.


This should be clarified. The approach as choosen in 9-2 for the mapping of SendMSVMessage should be used.

Discussion Created Status
Turned Green 10 Nov 06 In Force (green)
Final proposal as in Tissue 419.doc. Accepted. 13 Oct 06 Ballot Period
All of the types are defined in the following clauses. Proposed table update, for clarification purposes is posted along with this comment. No interoperability issues implied. Clarification only. 11 Oct 06 Discussion (red)


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