363   L/R Security versus Information

Created: 19 Aug 2006

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Why we should send information to higher level operation centers or why we should model IHMI Loc, LLNO Loc or XCBR Loc
IED Local/Remote (and Station level Local/Remote) switches (HW or SW related) are possible barriers for unwanted operations and gives information to higher level operating centers about operation capabilities.
- An IED L/R switch itself is not enough to secure the work on the primary equipment, but informs higher level operation centers about that work is going on.
- A forgotten L/R switch may of cource by the same reason stop a wanted operation in case of breaker fall etc.

The higher level operators have a big problem if swithes is forgotten in wrong possition after finished planned work.


Continue the discussion about how to model a common concept for Station level, Bay leval and process level implementation of authorisation information.
There is a need to be able to model Emergency level, Backup level, Local, Remote, several levels of Allowed centers.
A simple Loc on Bay level informs next level about if it's possible to operate or not a detailed llevel information may be include as proposed in an additional INS/INC.

Discussion Created Status
24 May 07 In Force (green)
refering to #306
18 Apr 07 Ballot Period
Accepted that we should continue discussion on Local/Remote issue as it is for tissue #306. In the meeting in Arnhem editors should show their solution/concept for discussion within WG10. 15 Sep 06 Discussion (red)


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