336   Test context

Created: 08 Jul 2006

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 10 (2005)



Clause: 5.5 Documentation of conformance test report

Paragraph: last

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Part 10 should require that the complete text context of the conformance test run for a specific device shall be provided by the manufacturer and made available on request to a potential customer of a device. Certificates provide full benefit if one can see what has been tested AND what the context was. The interpretation of the test results needs to take the context into account.

What does Context mean? Mainly what is provided on the official certicates. Here is a copy from a certificate:

"The conformance test has been performed according to IEC 61850-10 with product’s protocol and model implementation conformance statements:

- 1MRK114-320, rev D;
- IED 670 PICS - IEC 61850 Protocol Information Conformance statement;
- 1MRK114 – 210, rev H;
- IED 6xx series - IEC 61850 MICS, and
- technical issue (TICS) and
- extra information for testing (PIXIT) “1MRK114-318, rev J;
- IED 6xx PIXIT - IEC 61850 Protocol Extra Information”


The last sentence:
"Conformance test documentation shall be supplied to the initiator."

should be revised as follows:
"Conformance test documentation shall be supplied to the initiator and made available (on request) to potential customers of the device tested."

Discussion Created Status
I agree, the supplying of conformance test documentation should not be made mandatory within Part 10. This is a customer request issue. 07 Sep 06 Discussion (red)


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