319   'behavior' attribute is not required for LLN0

Created: 03 May 2006

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)


Page: 18 , 71

Clause: 5.3.3


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


According to description of 'beh' given in table-9 ( page-71 ), the 'beh' of LLN0 will be always same as 'Mod' of LLN0. But the same is kept as mandatory for all the logical nodes. So in my openion the 'beh' should be kept as mandatory for all other logical nodes and not for the LLN0.


Discussion Created Status
Solved and accepted. 14 Feb 08 In Force (green)
24 May 07 Ballot Period
According to the discussion the behavior will stay mandatory in all LN, and the Mod will be conditional.
See draft of edition 2.
24 May 07 Ballot Period
I support Thierry's suggestion. There is only the 'root' LD, where a mandatory Beh might lead to a small overhead. If this still is an issue, better the Mod should be made conditional instead of Beh - Beh is conceptually used to indicate the 'real' behavior of a LD & LN without having to search for it - like Loc. 05 Feb 07 Discussion (red)
The GrpRef extension that has been decided in Nimes allows to define a hierarchie of function/sub-function in an IED.
The Beh of LLN0 can not be removed, because a Subfunction (LDevice) inherit the Beh of the Function (other LDevice referenced by GrpRef).
I propose to turn the TISSUE to blue.
17 Jan 07 Discussion (red)
This proposal should be discussed with tissue #441. 11 Dec 06 Discussion (red)
Prefer to put presence of Beh coming under Common LN as conditional (C) with condition specified as optional for LLN0 but mandatory for all other LNs. This makes all the present implementation intact and in future implementations this data can be removed from LLN0. 24 Nov 06 Discussion (red)
Keep Beh (Behaviour) of Common Logical Node as conditional C (presently it is M).

The condition should be specified as:
Not Required for LLN0, but mandatory for all other Logical Nodes.

This change can be incorporated with very minimal implementation changes.
13 Oct 06 Discussion (red)
To use the Common LN Class for all Logical Nodes in the same way we propose not to change "mandatory" for Beh of LLN0. This simplifies any implementation also. 10 Oct 06 Discussion (red)


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