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Created: 24 Apr 2006

Status: Not Applicable

Part: General


Page: p.83 of -7-2 and p.53~54 of -8-1

Clause: of -7-2 and 17.2.1 of -8-1

Paragraph: of -7-2 and 17.2.1 of -8-1

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In -7-2,there is Table 24, and in -8-1 17.2.1 there is Table 40


I think that if OptFlds.data-reference=True, in the report message,there should be each data reference follows its data value and follows the next data reference and its data value. My friend think me wrong,and there should be the all data references are continue listed before the Values of all EntyDatas. Would you mind giving me a consultation? thanks!

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According to 7-2, the defined order is
- for each included FCDA
- DataReference
- Data value
- ReasonCode.

HOWEVER the information has been remapped on purpose in 8-1; so the defined order is:
- DataReferences
- one for each included FCDA
- Data values
- one for each included FCDA
- ReasonCodes
- one for each included FCDA

You both right. If you have an implementation complaining to be 8-1 compliant, you shall have the 8-1 order.
27 Apr 06 Not Applicable


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