271   Namespace for ACSI

Created: 11 Dec 2005

Status: Future Improvement

Part: General





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Currently, there is no way to differentiate between different versions of the 7-2 related models, which are the control blocks. As an example, with the proposed solution for TISSUE 149 / Part 7-2 we would add a new attribute to the report control block. The only way to figure out, if a device is supporting the new control block, is by broswing that device.

Basically, the control block is a part of the (service related) data model of the device. It might be useful, to give to that a name space as well.


A proposal would be, to add an attribute ACSI namespace to the CDC LPL.

There should also be a similar information in the service element of the IED section of SCL.

Discussion Created Status
Needs to be solved for Edition 2 of the standard in the general context of how to deal with different versions. 11 Dec 05 Future Improvement


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