263   Setting Local time or summer/winter time

Created: 23 Nov 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)





Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Although 61850 works with UTC time and the translation into local time is a local issue, it is often needed to manage this calculation and the switching between winter / summer time on all concerned IEDs from some central point in the system. This feature is currently missing in the IEC61850 model.


Add some DATA e.g. to LPHD or IHMI logical nodes, which allow to parametrize or command the change between summer and winter time, and the calculation of local time.

Discussion Created Status
Optional. Accepted. 08 Jun 06 In Force (green)
It is correct that the CDC does not yet allow to change the time. However, the Editor Note on page 2 gives the hint how to change the setting. So as far as I understand this note, it was proposed to add two new settings to - I guess LPHD:
- time of next change to daylight saving time
- time of next change to standard time
These settings would be of new CDC time setting that still needs to be defined.
25 May 06 Ballot Period
Unfortunately the current definitions to the standard do not solve this problem completely. The FC of tmOffset and tmDT, possibly also tmUseDT, should be CF, to allow also writing to at least tmDT, so that the switching of summer/winter time can be done via the communication system, or some more parameters need to be available, which allow the IED to automatically do the switching at this configured times. 19 May 06 Ballot Period
Problem to be solved with the extended NamePlt-Definition according the attachement. 18 May 06 Ballot Period
As a result of the use of IEC 61850 for DER and for Hydro, it was decided to extend the common data class for the device name plate. In the proposed extension, attributes concerning the use of daylight saving time have been added. See the attached proposal for a modified CDC DPL 15 May 06 Discussion (red)
Accepted but to be crosschecked with 7-3. Also the procedure has carefully defined. It refers especially to IHMI in IEDs. 30 Mar 06 Discussion (red)


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