250   Trigger option used, if not defined

Created: 07 Nov 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-1 (2003)


Page: 75

Clause: 13.2.2


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Table 13 states, that if no trigger option is defined for an attribute, then 'an application may use dchg or dupd'. What does this mean?
a). the attribute supports both, dchg and dupd. If yes, this should be defined in 7-3, and not in 7-1.
b). the application can set either dchg or dupd. As 'applications' are online, this needs an online possibility to change it, which is neither foreseen nor practicable.
c). dchg or dupd can be choosen at engineering time. then 'application' is an engineering tool!


Discussion Created Status
14 Feb 06 In Force (green)
Editor Phone conference December 9:
If there is no trigger option defined, nothing should happen.

However, see also TISSUE 204 in 7-3; there is a need to make more attributes triggering reports.
09 Dec 05 Ballot Period
If above solution a). is meant, this should also be documented in 7-3. It influences the possibilities to report parameter changes, and would also allow to report changes of the time (t) attribute alone. Is this the intention? If not, remove this sentence from 7-1 and declare, that if no trigger option is defined, no event based reporting or logging of this attribute alone can be done. 07 Nov 05 Triage


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