228   GOOSE fixed size (2)

Created: 30 Sep 2005

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)



Clause: Annex A


Category: No impact on this part


Tissue 200 was not a request for explanation, but a proposal for simplification of the GOOSE implementation.

Indeed, it makes no sense to code in ASN.1 frames that never change in contents, since the Dataset is fixed.

There is no justification in having variable length fields, as is required by BER. There is no justification to code GOOSE in ASN.1 since it does not follow the MMS protocol.

The ASN.1 BER does not even bring in an additional safety, since the tags only hint at the data type, but not at the FCDA name.
Coding and decoding ASN.1 is time consuming and could ultimately prove to be the bottleneck in large installations.


Permit only fields with fixed length.
Do not use ASN.1 in GOOSE
For compatibility, introduce a bit in the header that states that the sender uses fixed size fields.

Discussion Created Status
Test cases and implementations already exist for ASN.1 GOOSE. The use of fixed sizes does not allow for structures as is required for GOOSE in 7-2.

This creates a huge interoperability issue and should be rejected.
30 Sep 05 Discussion (red)


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