227   Table 56 in 8-1 & GOOSE PDU

Created: 30 Sep 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)



Clause: Annex A,


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


In Table 56:
The first "argument" line makes no sense.
The second line has no argument field,
destinationAddress should start with a lowercase letter.
The argument timeAllowedToLive should start with an uppercase.
The field should be numDatSetEntries.
The final timeAllowedToLive should be "security".
The different options for priority tagging are missing.
In the definition, destinationAddress is singular, although Goose is multicast.
The timeAllowedToLive cannot be deduced from the Goose Control Block (see Table 29 in 7-2.)
The Tmin and Tmiax that exist in IEC 61850-6 do not appear.


Bring Table 56 in 8-1, Table 29 in 7-2 and the Goose PDU in Annex A in line. See that GoID is used throughout.

Discussion Created Status
Update Table 56 to correct the last row (timeAllowedToLive) to security. 24 Oct 05 Ballot Period
I have to take these one by one.

First, the 7-2 parameter names come from 61850-7-2 Table 28 and 29. Thus, any changes to those names should not be done or they should be applied in 7-2. I do not believe that this is needed.

The second column in Table 56 is attempting to indicate which 7-2 attributes are being mapped to ASN.1 parameters. In regards to these ASN.1 field names, these are 100% consistent with the syntax in 8-1 Annex A. Thus a clarification may be needed, but no name changes.

In regards to "desintation address", a single GOOSE instance can only be sent to a single multicast address. Thus plurality is not needed.

It is a correct statement that TimeAllowedToLive can't be determined in the GOOSE CONTROL BLOCK. There has been no identified requirement for this in 7-2 and is 8-1 specific. I do not believe that it is required to expose this or Tmin or Tmax through the control block.

In regards to the mappings of Part 6. Please note that this is an issue of Part 6 being standardized after 8-1. In reality Tmin and Tmax should result in changes to We should add text indicating that 'the retransmission intervals shall be between Tmin and Tmax as defined in IEC 61850-6.'.

Where corrections should be made are:

The last row (timeAllowedToLive) should be security as noted.

30 Sep 05 Discussion (red)


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