225   Proposal for ASN.1 syntax

Created: 30 Sep 2005

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)



Clause: Annex A and G


Category: No impact on this part


The following is a proposal for the ASN.1 syntax that passed the OSS compiler. Please consider in the revision of 8-1


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I can't access the syntax. I have his proposal, but there are some issues that.

Here are the relevant comments from the exchange I have had with Hubert:

1. The following:

security [12] ANY OPTIONAL

have exactly the same encoding in BER, for IMPLICIT on ANY is never
implied in ASN.1 and cannot be explicitly specified in ASN.1 (i.e., the word IMPLICIT is illegal when used with an ANY). Let me know if you want chapter and verse of X.680 that states this.

From HF: I have no strong feeling either way. There is no harm keeping or removing the EXPLICIT.

2. Perhaps you mean VisibleString instead of VISIBLE_STRING?

From HF: This is a confusing issue. I believe due to the Import statement that this should be as it is (since its definition is defined in ISO 9506. George or Karlheinz should check.

3. Perhaps you mean UTCTime instead of UtcTime?

From HF: This is once again due to the ISO 9506 addendum being in 8-1. I am unsure how to resolve this, but if the Annex is going to stay, then it should be UtcTime. If we want to refer to ISO 9506, then it should be UTCTIME (based upon the IMPORT).

4. The comma before the '}' is invalid.

From HF: This is a correct observation. We have two options. One is to remove the comma, the second is to replace "," with ",...". I believe that the correct option is ",..." but I do not feel strongly.
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