216   Description of LN inputs

Created: 23 Sep 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)

Links: #217 CDC for LN Inputs


Clause: 5.3.3

Paragraph: Common Logical Node

Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Inputs of logical nodes can be defined in the SCL, but are not visible over the communication since they are not defined in the object model.


Add a generic input (optional) in the common logical node definition. This generic input can be instanciated as often as required, and needs a new CDC. This CDC contains (at least) 2 attributes: ExtRef and IntAddr (as it does in the SCL). The ExtRef is similar to the definition of setVal of ORG (the CDC we use for Historical and Statistical Data and for the Logical Node grouping) : reference of the Data Object that will be required by the LN. The IntAddr is a VISIBLE-STRING and contains optionally a manufacturer specific internal address (this onee could be aded in the PIXIT for engineering purpose for instance.).

Discussion Created Status
set to green 29 Nov 05 In Force (green)
The Editor group agreed that the solution as discussed in Klaus (the proposal above) is a first step. We may later extend the proposal to include additional issues.

As CDC (see TISSUE 217) we use the new CDC ORG and extend that with IntAdr.

Set to final proposal
10 Oct 05 Ballot Period
I get the impresseion that Herb wants to solve another problem than we discussed in Klaus. The original issue was to make the contents of the SCL input section online readable. For this you need some generic DATA, e.g. Input1.. Input255, where each Input of the CDC 'external reference' links an external reference to a maufacture specific internal reference. So, I support for this purpose Thierries suggestion, may be also add optional value and quality attribute showing the last received value and its quality.
I get the feeling Herbs suggestion is more suited to make the SCL sAddr, i.e. the connection of a standardised DATA to some IED internal address online readable... Do we really need this? The purpose of IEC61850 is to forget about internal addresses, although they might be a necessary evil for legacy IEDs and gateways to other protocols. Anyhow, if needed they can be specified in SCL.
27 Sep 05 Triage
I have been thinking on this issue. I believe a much more elegant method would be to add an FC of IN (e.g. Input). This FC would be optional and need to be inherited by all Logical Nodes (I am not sure how to do this given the structure of the documents today).

Such an FC would allow LNs such as PIOC to optionally expose the input data.

What would need to be worked out is the Description to be associated with the INs. This would need to be allowed to be a VISBLESTRING that could also represent a DataReference (including SERVER Name).

I would further suggest that the INs that are being received from the Network could be shown in LLNO FC=IN or a new GNET for Networked I/O.

23 Sep 05 Triage


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