213   setMag in ASG,APC

Created: 22 Sep 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-3 (2003)


Page: 47,44

Clause: 7

Paragraph: 7.8.2, 7.6.2

Category: No impact on this part


In ASG there are a setMag which FC=SP and M/O/C=AC_NSG_M and a setMag which FC=SG,SE and M/O/C=AC_SG_M, In APC there are a setMag which FC=SP,MX


I suggest that setMag in ASG which FC=SP and M/O/C=AC_NSG_M shall be calcelled,because there is APC in 61850-7-3. Therefor, the M/O/C of setMag in ASG will be M, not be AC_SG_M. the results is that ASG became simpler,and the apllication of APC and ASG became simpler and clearer.

Discussion Created Status
no negative comment received on voting; set to green 17 Nov 05 In Force (green)
Final proposal
No change required
10 Oct 05 Ballot Period
see TISSUE #28 of IEC 61850-7-3.

APC has been redefined as used for controllable process information (FC CO, not SP anymore). Therefore, the use of ASG for both settings with and without setting group is correct and there is no overlap anymore with APC. This is also consistent with all the other setting CDCs.

Final proposal:
No change required in 7-3
03 Oct 05 Discussion (red)


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