208   NumCntRs - Control?

Created: 19 Sep 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-4 (2003)


Page: 46

Clause: 5.7.3, 5.8.1


Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


Within the LNs GSAL and IARC, the data NumCntRs is defined as controllable integer (INC). The explanation given is not clear - nor is the reason why it is a controllable integer.

I assume, it refers to the number of resets of OpCntRs. It is however not clear, why the number of resets of OpCntRs is only counted for these two logical nodes (GSAL and IARC)?

In addition, when this counter (NumCntRs) is again contollable, I assume it is to reset the counter of the number of resets. Does this make sense? If yes, why do I then not need as well a counter of the number of resets of NumCntRs?....


Exchange the explanation of NumCntRs with: Number of times the resetable operation counter (OpCntRs) has been reset.

Cange CDC of NumCntRs fom INC to INS and add the data in the group status information.

Consider to delete NumCntRs from LN IARC.

Discussion Created Status
Accepted 08 Jun 06 In Force (green)
Set to final proposal since it was accepted at the last WG10 meeting in Merida and no additional comments appeared 14 May 06 Ballot Period
accepted 29 Mar 06 Discussion (red)
I have the feeling that OpCntRs andNumCntRs are only within IARC because of (wrong?) copying from GSAL. SO, either remove both, or give them a reasonable meaning. 20 Sep 05 Triage


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