196   SCL for Control

Created: 22 Aug 2005

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 8-1 (2004)


Page: Annex E



Category: Issue for edition 2 of this part


It's not unambigeously defined how to engineer the SCL and how toinstantiate it for operable control objects (like DPC). Related paragraphs are:
- Part 6 table 44 fc attribute
- Part 7-3 par 7.5.3 DPC
- part 8 Annex E.1 Note
- part 8 Annex E.2 last sentence on page 121
- part 8 annex E.3.2 DPS table E.3 "inherited data attributes"

The first issue is: should the SCL include the Oper, SBOw and Cancel objects? When not the SCL does define the applicable Oper/SBOw/Cancel structure (in which the OperTm is optional). When yes changing the ctlModel value, will result in removing/deleting Oper/SBOw/SBO/Cancel attributes.

The next issue is: should the SCL contain the ctlVal? According to Annex E.2 all CO attributes from 7.3 are replaced by the new CO definitons in Annex E. But annex E.1 Note states: "no CDC attributes haven been deleted".

The last issues is: should the optional ST$origin also instantiate the CO$origin? This is very cryptic defined in part 6 tabel 44. Or is clear that part 8-1 already "imply" the CO instantiation? Part 8-1 table E3 states the CO will not be inherited/instantiated.

Please clarify for each issue which options are allowed. When more options are allowed for a issue please clarify how the SCL reading tools/systems are able to differentiate which option is used.


I propose to include one or more SCL examples in Annex E:

<DOType id="myDPC" cdc="DPC">
<DA name="ctlVal" fc="CO" bType="BOOLEAN" /> ????
<DA name="Oper" fc="CO" bType="Struct" type="myOper" /> ????
<DA name="stVal" fc="ST" bType="Dbpos" />
<DA name="q" fc="ST" bType="Quality" />
<DA name="t" fc="ST" bType="TimeStamp" />
<DA name="ctlModel" fc="CF" bType="Enum" type="ctlModel">

Discussion Created Status
Example to be provided also for Tissue 173 12 Dec 05 In Force (green)
set to green 29 Nov 05 In Force (green)
Editor meeting / Final proposal:

See 173;

Add an example in part 6 and 8-1
10 Oct 05 Ballot Period


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