1930   New PAS publication process is not supported by NSD

Created: 11 Jun 2024

Status: In Force (green)

Part: Part 7-7 (2023)


Page: 40


Paragraph: 2


The publicationStage attribute is expecting only IS, TS and TR documents, but not PAS which is now used to publish IEC 61850 transitional namespaces.


Add PAS and corresponding draft stages CDPAS and DPAS to the allowed publicationStage in schema

Discussion Created Status
in force 11 Jul 24 In Force (green)
ready for implementation 11 Jul 24 Must Implement
Accepted by UML TF 11 Jul 24 Solution Accepted
Start ballot period 20 Jun 24 Ballot Period
No verification needed as there is no impact on tests 20 Jun 24 Conformance Test Verification
No impact on conformance Tests 20 Jun 24 Conformance Test Preparation
No compatibility issue 20 Jun 24 Analysis Of Compatibility
WG10 06/24 agree with the procedure of creating a new 7-7 schema release to support the publication stages CDPAS and DPAS.
It makes sense to proceed.
19 Jun 24 Verify Draft Implementation
schema created 17 Jun 24 Verify Draft Implementation
New NSD schema 2017B6 17 Jun 24 Drafting Implementation
Accepted to use the CDPAS, DPAS and PAS stages 11 Jun 24 Discussion (red)
Accepted as interoperability tissue as it break interoperability between automatically produced namespaces and market tools using NSD 11 Jun 24 Accepted


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