1919   ReportSettings RptEnabled Max shall be set by SCT

Created: 22 Apr 2024

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: Table 24

Clause: Table 24

Paragraph: Table 24


When the RptEnabled max is missing the SCT shall set a value (why is this mandatory?). After importing/exporting/importing the SCT does not know anymore that the original ICD RptEnabled max was missing! As such it can’t remember if the number can be changed or not. This max should be separated from ICD/SCD.


add a Services ReportSettings attribute: rptEnabledMax=Fix/Conf

Discussion Created Status
I disagree with the proposal.
I think the concept is:
If the SCT can create report control blocks, then it can also set and change the max attributes within the range of dynAssociation.max and ConReportControl. A new service does not help.
If the SCT cannot create the control blocks then it can also not set or change the max attributes, in that case, the max should be set in the IID file, otherwise the device cannot be integrated properly with ClientLN

23 Apr 24 Accepted
Proposal to provide 22 Apr 24 Accepted


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