1913   Description texts for some attributes of 'RangeConfig' to be amended

Created: 05 Apr 2024

Status: Approval (Editoral)

Part: Part 7-3 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: 16

Clause: 6.3

Paragraph: Table 2


The description texts for the 'rangeConfig' attributes hhLim, hLim, lLim and llLim refer to be settings of 'CDC.range' only.
'RangeConfig' and these attributes are also used with 'CDC.rangeAng'.


Modify the description texts for each of hhLim, hLim, lLim and llLim
"Setting for 'CDC.range' transition"
"Setting for 'CDC.range' resp. 'CDC.rangeAng' transition"

Discussion Created Status
I agree with the editorial proposal.
The PresenceCondition MORange is already correct and deal both with range and rangeAng
11 Apr 24 Approval (Editoral)


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