1912   Add release="4" to IEC_61850-7-3_2007B4.nsd file

Created: 05 Apr 2024

Status: Not Applicable

Part: Part 7-3 (2020; Edition 2.1)


Page: IEC_61850-7-3_2007B4.nsd file

Clause: line 20

Paragraph: line 20


There is bad dependency on the .nsd file in IEC_61850-7-3_2007B4.nsd file, line 20:
<DependsOn id="IEC 61850-7-2" version="2007" revision="B"/>


Add release="4"
<DependsOn id="IEC 61850-7-2" version="2007" revision="B" release="4"/>

Discussion Created Status
Approve N/A 11 Jun 24 Not Applicable
Not accepted. When the attribute release is not inidicated, it means that the latest release is valid. There is no need to further specify which 7-2 is needed.
Propose to move to not applicable.
11 Jun 24 Approval (N/A)


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