1893   ICT fails to check validity of the SCD file regarding the IED constraints

Created: 07 Nov 2023

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 19

Clause: 5.3

Paragraph: 4


The part 6 is not requiring that the ICT shall verify that the imported SCD to prevent any error introduced in the SCD regarding the capabilities of the IED.


Add a clear statement in 5.3 about SCD import point for an ICT, to claim that the ICT is verifying the validity of the configuration according the IED capabilities.

Add also a SICS statement to test this mandatory feature

Discussion Created Status
I agree with previous commenter that the ICT cannot be made responsible to verify every possible error in the SCD file. For example, would you want the ICT to verify that the host-address portion of an IPv4 address is not all ones? The user must take (some?) responsibility to ensure that SCD files are valid before presenting them for export to devices. I think the proper phrase for clause 5.3 would be similar to:

"... which can import a system SCL file [,which matches the capabilities specified in the corresponding ICD file,] to set these parameters to the IED."
13 Nov 23 Discussion (red)
Is this not an SCL conformance test of the SCT, which should never over-configure and IED beyond its capabilities, therefore an SCD file should always be produced by an SCT that respects the IEDs's service constraints/capabilities? Some service capabilities are not straightforward such as:

clientservices.maxAttributes - the maximal number of data set entries (as sum across all received data sets) supported by the client. Is this maximum of FCD's or FCDA's across all received control blocks (SV/GOOSE/MMS)?

ConfDataSet.maxAttributes – the maximum number of FCDA elements (data set entries) allowed in a data set. If an ICD file contains data sets with more elements, the system configurator shall not modify it. This is the maximum FCDA's for one data set, but what is the total maximum for all published/reported data? Likely to have different maximums for each type of control block type. SV datasets will likley have smaller constraints than GOOSE/MMS for example.
11 Nov 23 Discussion (red)
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