1881   Missing Downgrading rule for MV.mag with data-update

Created: 21 Jul 2023

Status: Discussion (red)

Part: Part 6 (2019; Edition 2.1)


Page: 253 (CSV)

Clause: I.2.1.4

Paragraph: Incompatible CDCs


IEC61850-7-3 Ed2 has introduced the choice of trigger option: dchg or dupd for INS.stVal, MV.mag, CMV.cVal. Those attributes where defined with dchg only in IEC 61850-7-3 ED1. ENS.stVal offers also the choice dchg or dupd for ENS.stVal. ENS is downgraded to an INS according to I.2.1.2.
There are no dowgrading rules for Ed2 objects that have been defined with dupd instead of dchg, and may lead to an interoperability cwith Ed1 clients that do not undertand/expect dupd within the context of INS.stVal, MV.mag, CMV.cVal. All three attributes are mandatory according to their CDC definition.


Provide an additional downgraded rule for the incompatible CDC:

Any DOType and associated DataObjects that instantiate either a
INS.stVal with dupd = true
MV.mag with dupd = true
CMV.cVal with dupd = true

shall be excluded from the model description.

Discussion Created Status
The proposal fixes the issue.
Please consider the rule as an interop issue, because the rule can be already excecuted by Ed2.1 compliant SCTs.
24 Jul 23 Discussion (red)
Proposal to add following downgrading rule in Edition 2 AMD 2:

I. Trigger options update
The process DataAttribute of CDCs INS, MV and CMV have the trigger option Data-Update allowed in IEC 61850 Edition 2, when only Data-Change was allowed in IEC 61850 Edition 1. Therefore, the following attributes shall be excluded from the model description when the trigger option “dupd” is equal to true in the data model: INS.stVal, MV.mag, CMV.cVal and ENS.stVal. As per rule defined in I., ENS are downgraded to INS and then shall also be excluded for the same reason.
The name space of the model remains unchanged: ldNs, lnNs and dataNs shall not be modified during this downgrading rule.
If the DataAttributes are members of a DataSet, the exclusion of the DataObject shall be followed by the exclusion of the DataSet and associated control block(s) from the model description. The excluded objects remain however available in the Ed 2 SCL environment and in the device online model.
In Figure I.2, if an Edition 1 compliant IED is configured in the SED to receive such an excluded control block (as consumer or subscriber), the SED shall not be imported in the SCT managing the Edition 1 IEDs.
In Figure I.3, the SCT shall not allow a user to add in a DataSet sent to an edition 1 IED this kind of DataAttribute. If a DataSet already contains such a DataAttribute, it shall not be sent to an Edition 1 IED.
24 Jul 23 Discussion (red)
Accepted 24 Jul 23 Accepted


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