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Created: 21 Jul 2023

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Part: Part 2 (2019)


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In the absence of a TISSE section for Ed 2 (2019) ...

There are two terms/abbreviations that are used which are similar but are not properly defined in the Glossary section 3 although listed as abbreviations in Section 4
SV: Sampled Values
SMV: Sampled Measured Values


Add definitions of each to Glossary section 3
My best guess at distinguishing these is

Sampled Values SV
A streaming message multicasted by an IED containing the values of one or more analogue “T” Group Logical Node sensors taken at the sampling rate defined by the T group LN and issued according to the message control block frame rate

Sampled Measured Values SMV
The instantaneous value of a single “T” Group Logical Node sensors as contained in a Sampled Value message

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Let's simplify this.
Less is more, SV is enough.
21 Jul 23 Triage
Hi Fred
I agree something needs to be done to clarify confusion and misuse ...

I generally only use SV ... SV is used in 9-2 title as the overall concept of analog streaming

but I can also "see" a reason for SMV to refer to a single stream in the system overall.

The WG should have some "fun" with this one ??
21 Jul 23 Triage
Agree, this matches comments I made many times and I thought we had consensus on this already.
We has the term SAV, SMV, ans SV.
SV is the most generic and most correct one.
Why talking of "measured" (SMV)? If measured or generated otherwise does not matter.
SAV is even kind of a misnomer, everything we deal with in IEC 61580 was either digital from the beginning or has gone through an A/D conversion process, so "analog" (SAV) does not apply.
Let's standardize on "SV".
21 Jul 23 Triage


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