1871   Double VAr DataObject inside ZHAF LNClass

Created: 28 Apr 2023

Status: Accepted

Part: Part 90-14 (2021)


Page: 214

Clause: LN ... ZHAF

Paragraph: Table 117 and IEC_61850-90-14_2020A3.nsd


Double VAr DataObject inside ZHAF LNClass

Table 117 – Data objects of ZHAF
- VAr, MV, Phase Reactive Power (Q), O / O
- VAr, MV, inherited from: ReactiveComponentInterfaceLN, O / O

The same in the IEC_61850-90-14_2020A3.nsd:
- <LNClass name="ZHAF" ... base="ReactiveComponentInterfaceLN">
<DataObject name="VAr" type="MV" presCond="O" dsPresCond="O"/> - <AbstractLNClass name="ReactiveComponentInterfaceLN"
<DataObject name="VAr" type="MV" .. presCond="O" dsPresCond="O"/>


Remove VAr DO from ZHAF LNClass.
The ZHAF class derives this VAr DataObject from ReactiveComponentInterfaceLN

Discussion Created Status
That's right. I agree and suggest to remove the doubled DO in ZHAF, too. 28 Apr 23 Accepted


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